Emanuela Berardi
Architectural Visualiser & Interior Designer

I always wanted to be an Architect, since I was a child.

When finished the High School, I studied and tackled with enthusiasm the five year at the University of Architecture, graduating myself in the top of my class with 110 cum laude, but once ready to “Be an Architect “, the world did not need architects anymore: the housing bubble of 2008 had just arrived!

So, the only way to make Architecture remained the virtual one through the CGI. I had already approached the 3D modelling and computer graphics at the university, I was very fascinated by that world, but without satisfactory results.

After years spent in Architectural practices in Italy and Ireland, in the 2013 thanks to the blog and to Angelo Ferretti’s courses, I studied more and more the issue and I entirely dedicated myself to 3D graphics focusing on quality with the aim to reach the photo-realism.

A good Render has to arouse emotions in the viewer. With a single image we should tell a story and bring the observer inside the environment represented.

Beyond the technical execution, where you need continuous study and dedication to keep up with new technologies, in order to have good results, you need a lot of attention to the artistic and emotional aspects together with the photographic composition with the ultimate goal to thrill through a single image.

Now, that I work in this specific field of the Architecture Visualisation, I can say: “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.” ( Steve Jobs).